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5 Best Bird Cages for Parakeets – 2021

5 Best Bird Cages for Parakeets – 2021
Parakeets though less colorful as compared to Australian macaws, display far more striking appearance with their ring necks. They make pretty famous pets too. Like cockatiels, parakeets are demanding too but the former are small birds while later needs a reasonably large cage. Even if you’re planning to keep only one individual still it’s better to raise your birdie in a spacious cage. After all, you do not want your birdie to sit inside the cage (not flying) all the time. Every owner ought to provide the protection and care these long-tailed birds wants. Prominent among the parakeet’s care is its cage which is vital to its life. The cage must be big enough to allow the bird to fly and it should be sturdy enough to last long. Our editors have rounded up some of the best parakeet cages you can buy on Amazon.

Best Parakeet Cage

5 Best Bird Cages for Parakeets in 2021


Vision M01 Wire Bird Cage, Bird Home for Parakeets, Finches and Canaries, Medium, 83250

Pretty easy to clean

17-inch Wire Bird Cage, Bird Home for Parakeets

One of the best things about the Vision Wire Bird Cage is that it keeps all the bird seeds inside the cage while at the same time pretty easy to clean. The base of the cage is just a little too deep not touching the bottom bars so you can afford to clean it all up. You can remove the base from the top and put it back after cleaning that’s it. It’s a table top cage. The location of the seed cups are precisely where they should be.
9.5Expert Score
Amazon Reviewer…

The high sides of the base keep lose feathers and seed husks in the cage even when my little darlings flap and flutter around.

  • Pretty easy-to-clean cage for your birdie.
  • The white color of the cage and its green seed holders are complete contrast to each other.
  • You can place it on the table.
  • It keeps all the seed debris inside its base.
  • The base of the cage is detachable.
  • It comes with two perches each of which are separately attached to the bars assisting in circulation in your birdie’s feet.
  • It has separate doors which are not located at the feeding point.
  • Your parakeet would look good in this cage.
  • It has enough space for toys and wooden perches.
  • Not suitable for large birds.
  • No casters.
  • You cannot hang it.

Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage, White

Beautiful flight cage

18-inch Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage, White

Sometimes the most simplest of the things are the most beautiful. Same is the case here. This flight cage doesn’t offer any fancy door openings or a bizarre cage design. It serves the needs of a reasonably-sized birdie. Reviewers love this cage precisely because of its handy size. Your parakeet would fly all day long from end to end. Not only your birds would feel cozy they will become active and talkative in an altogether new environment. The cage has two wooden perches too.
10Expert Score
Amazon Reviewer…

Learned through research that our birds love to fly horizontally and this cage is perfect. They are much more active, talkative and seemingly happier birds since we’ve moved them into this cage.

  • A cage with the most simple yet elegant design.
  • It will allow your birdie to fly from horizontally. Birds usually fancy flying sideways.
  • It’s a portable cage one that you can carry it anywhere.
  • The cage is a table top.
  • It comes with two useful wooden perches and two plastic cups.
  • Not really expensive.
  • It’s made of steel frame so your kids or other pets cannot damage its bars.
  • The cage offers a pretty large door openings so you can reach in if you wish to clean its inside.
  • It’s super easy to clean as the grate holds the parakeets at least one inch off the floor. Take out the tray and fix it back once you have cleaned it all.
  • The bars on the sides are wide enough to allow your bird’s feet to grip.
  • The plastic base of the cage is not that robust as it should be.
  • The door openings are big so if you leave it open or forget to close it your birdie might possibly escape.

Prevue Pet Products F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage with Stand, Black Hammertone,1/2″

Spacious for a pair of parakeets

40-inch Breeder Cage with Stand, Black Hammertone

The Prevue Pet Breeder Cage is an ideal home for your parakeet couple. Each of your birdie will enjoy her own privacy while living together side by side. Two rectangular cages are divided by a bar. There are two front doors on each of the cage with a locking mechanism. There are also side nesting doors not to mention the pull out trays for easy cleaning. While the cage is big it shouldn’t be hassle for you to push for there are solid casters attached underneath its legs.
9.5Expert Score
Amazon Reviewer…

This cage is great. It’s easy to clean with the pull-out pans and we use the divider to clean each half at a time so the birds don’t get out

  • The cage comes in pretty handy especially if your birds fight each other. There is a divider between the two cages.
  • Thanks to the divider both cages are easy to clean at half a time.
  • Casters make it lighter to push if you wish to place it in your veranda.
  • The divider is detachable. You can remove it if you believe your birdies can live peacefully.
  • It isn’t without accessories. The cage comes with four plastic feeders and four perches.
  • You can clean your floor for the cage is high off the floor.
  • The cage is made of wrought iron – it will last years.
  • The side doors are spring loaded. It looks more like a mouse trap.
  • It’s an expensive home for your parakeets.

Prevue Hendryx SP1720-4 Shanghai Parakeet Cage, Green and White

Charming, parakeet-specific cage

22-inch Shanghai Parakeet Cage, Green and White

The Shanghai Parakeet Cage is a charming pretty good looking cage one that resembles tiny house for your birdie. It is specifically designed for parakeets. Although it’s slightly bigger for your parakeet but your bird would probably enjoy flying in it. It has a plenty of space and you can hang toys without getting into their way. The perch is attached to the roof so your parakeet enjoys sleeping high and feels more secure up there.
9.5Expert Score
Amazon Reviewer…

As soon as he was transferred he started whistling and doing laps around it. He approves 100% and is much happier with more space

  • Extremely good looking and decent cage.
  • You can hang toys and other stuff without bothering your birdie.
  • Designed specifically for parakeets.
  • Great value for an affordable price.
  • Small perch hanging right on top allowing your pet to sleep high.
  • A house-looking cage.
  • No instruction manual for assembly.
  • The food feeders look just a little cheap.
  • The top most section of the cage is slightly narrow for two parakeets to sit and enjoy.

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

14-inch Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

The Triple Roof Cage comes with a lot of accessories like four wooden perches and two water or food cups. While the cage is spacious for birds it is pretty simple to clean for the grille is removable. You just have to slide out the tray and put it back. It comes in handy for those who fancy cleaning it just about every day.
10Expert Score
Amazon Reviewer…

They eat on one side, play in the middle and sleep on the other side

  • The cage is super easy to clean. The tray is detachable.
  • Great value for the price.
  • The cage is big enough to accommodate a pair of parakeets but it isn’t for flight.
  • Assemble in 15 minutes.
  • It comes with four wooden perches.
  • A tabletop cage.
  • The cage has easy access doors.
  • This one is not a flight cage.
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